Die zweite Produktion im Rahmen unserer Doppelpass-Kooperation mit dem Societaetstheater Dresden steht in den Startlöchern! Nach „Das Eigene/ HEIMAT“ folgt nun „Das Fremde/ ALIENIdentität“.
Wir wollen uns dem Fremden nähern – als alltägliches Phänomen, als Verunsicherung, als Anziehungspunkt, als Ungewissheit. Das Fremde als Konstruktion.

Anhand kurzer Portraits stellen wir euch hier unsere Darsteller vor. Wir haben ihnen Fragen zu ihrer Wahrnehmung des Fremden gestellt, sie mit ihren eigenen Routinen konfrontiert und dabei nicht die Rolle der allgegenwärtigen Maske vergessen....

Here we go: our intern made a first little interview with one of our performers of
Das Fremde / ALIENIdentität:

Rosabel Huguet

Born in Spain, Rosabel now lives in Berlin. She speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, German, some Italien and for sure some secret languages too.

Why did you decide to join this production?
The most important exchange is with the unknown.

Do you try to approach if you perceive something as strange?
Yes, in silence.

How does that feel?

Do you think a mask is suppressing or enforcing the strange?
Depends on mask, I think it works in both ways. For me, it's not about the mask but about the person who wears it.

When do you wear a mask?
When I don't feel very confident with myself, or I simple have a bad day. On those days, I normally use red lipstick, that's my mask.

The second little interview with one of our performers of Das Fremde / ALIENIdentität:

Matthias Wagner

Matthias was born and raised in Dresden and had just quit his job at a state theatre because he is tired of the system. Good for us - so he was free to be part of our production. How lucky we are!

What is your first memory connected to „strange“?
I think that when I got into first grade a lot felt strange to me. The school system, the teachers and just the daily chores.

Do you try to approach if you perceive something as strange?
Yes, definitely.

How does that feel?
Very complex. First there would be the curiosity, followed by tension paired with fear. But since it is most of the time connected to an experience or succes it feels great!

When do you wear a mask?
Always, except for when I sleep or meditate.

The third interview was with our performer:

Nastia Ivanova


Nastia was born and raised in St.Petersburg. Among other places she studies dance in Franfurt am Main. She now lives in St.Petersburg again but travels to France on a regular basis where she is a guest dancer at the Emanuel Gat company.

What is your last memory you felt like a stranger or perceived someone else as such?
Coming back to the process after not working/being together for some time.
New space, new surrounding, new experiences, being all together.

Do you try to approach if you perceive something as strange?
Depending on the situation.
I’m trying to explore and study this special situation/case, accept it as if it always existed in my life before (or by creating a distance allow it to become part of me/my life).

Acceptance, taking a risk, dive, dig, try, touch, observe, smell…
How does that feel?
Challenging, unpredictable, disappointing, fulfilling

What do you connect with masks?
Being someone else, acting, pretending, trying to say/to do something you are not dare to do without hiding yourself behind, something tribal, intimate, fairy, being brave and weak at the same time.

When do you wear a mask?
On stage...
Even behind the mask I'm trying to stay honest and true with myself. Staying as you are and letting the others to accept and get to know you.

And the fourth interview with our musician:

Simon Goff


Born and raised in England but now living in Berlin, we tenderly refere to him as the Brexkid. He plays several instruments including the instrument of well formed thoughts. Beside that he is able to make the choreographer have tears in her eyes because of his amazing music.

Why did you decide to join this production ?
Johanna asked me to join the production in 2015 following a workshop I was running in support of another dance piece. The way she creates work is very different to how I have worked on dance/theatre/stage pieces before but very similar to how I have at times created music. I was interested to see how it would be to work in this context.

What is your first memory connected to „strange“ ?/ What do you connect with it now ?
I have been a freelance musician for 10 years, constantly travelling and working in different countries and cities around the world. At some point I stopped being able to define things as strange to me but just subtly different to what I have seen or experienced before. Most places are remarkably similar to each other below the surface. This has been the most interesting thing for me and is what encourages to continues to do this. I like to be reminded that those things we feel that are 'strange' or different from each other are usually just details and there is much more we share in common than that which is different.

Photos: the guts company